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Oakland County Fair
PO Box 365
12451 Andersonville Road
Davisburg, Michigan 48350

Telephone: (248) 634-8830

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2017 Oakland County Fair Board

  • Loren Hotchkiss, President
  • Terri Burnett, Vice President
  • Deb Kayga, Rec. Secretary
  • Kelly Fuller, Corr. Secretary
  • Donn Marshall, Treasurer
  • Deb Gallo, Parliamentarian
  • Fay Preston, Sergeant At Arms
  • Mary Ann Floyed, Historian
  • Lorie Ann Bosetti, Director
  • Ryan Hart, Director
  • Sue Paterson, Director
  • Melanie Peterson, Director
  • Susan Probst, Director
  • Galen Ressler, Director
  • Ken Roberts, Director
  • Ashley Saunders, Director
  • Jackie Scramlin, Director
  • Brigitte Todd, Director
  • LC Scramlin, General Manager
  • Sara Ressler, Assist. General Manager
  • Connie Holtquist, Administrative Assistant
  • Pam Sweeten, Building Maintenance