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Discovery Day

April 29, 2017

10 am - 3 pm


What is 4-H Discovery Day?

A family event  open to the public providing educational hands-on experiences in a friendly atmosphere. Information will be available about joining 4-H and exhibiting at the Oakland County Fair!

Every year over 600+ individuals visit 4-H Discovery Day making it one of the most popular 4-H events of the year.

For more information contact the Oakland County 4-H Office (248) 858-0089 or https://www.oakgov.com/msu/4-h-youth

Wildfire Relief

True Leaders in Service, a month-long community service activation starting on 4/1, will culminate with the National 4‑H Day of Service on Saturday, April 29. Thousands of 4‑H’ers will be in their communities to do what 4‑H’ers do best - tackle community challenges and help those in need!

On 4/29 at 4-H Discovery Day, Oakland County 4-Hers will set an example of what a 4-H Day of Service is all about! Last month, a string of deadly wildfires, burned hundreds of square miles in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, leaving more than two million acres of farm and ranches damaged and killing thousands of livestock. Families, farms and ranches were destroyed and 4-Hers want to help! Below are some of the efforts started and continuing on Discovery Day!

· Davisburg Triple B’s, Blue Ribbon Rabbit & Cavy and other clubs are collecting donations to send supplies such as feed, fencing and milk replacer to the Oklahoma panhandle. 4-Hers have also created small care packages for the truck drivers of the convoy group delivering these much needed supplies!

· The Oakland County Livestock 4-H Club and others are partnering with “Wildfire Orphaned Calf Relief” to benefit the 4 Leaf Clover 4-H Club in Meade, Kansas. Because the wildfire left many orphaned calves and the 4-Hers have been caring for approximately 100 babies, which would not have survived otherwise; ranchers have given the calves to the youth to show at their county fair. Money raised from this fundraiser will go to support the 4-H youth in this endeavor. See attached “Bucket list” for more info

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Important Reminders

All market sheep, swine, goats and prospect calves must have verification of ownership by Discovery Day, April 29.

Official tagging will take place at the Fairgrounds on April 29 from 9 am - 1:00 pm

Horse and Dog verification forms must be received in the Fair Office by April 29 to avoid late fee.

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